5 tried and tested colour combinations that men can’t go without

Whoever said that men’s fashion was boring clearly hasn’t taken a look at the men’s collections that designers are sending down the runway. From male models walking in high-heeled clogs, to being dressed in neon pink suits, it seems as though men’s fashion has zero boundaries nowadays.

But when it comes to everyday wear, these colourful, avant-garde runway looks are obviously a little too off-kilter. What colour combinations can men wear in their day to day life, then? Read on to find out more!

Colour Combination #1

Black + White

Photograph credits @notey, @zeusfactor

As the adage goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Men have been rocking this classic monochrome look for centuries because it’s easy and it looks good – and who are we to argue with that? This back-to-basics look also gives you more freedom to play around with accessories – so don’t be afraid to pair your favourite bracelets, watch, or sunglasses along with this combination!

Colour Combination #2

White + Blue

white and blue colour for men

Photograph credits @notey, @zeusfactor, @stylishwife

Still classic, still very much a no-brainer, but a tad more boyish this time. The white + blue colour combination is a highly versatile one that can lend itself to both sharp looks (such as a well-fitted suit), and trendy ones (such as a simple white tee + ripped, stonewashed jeans). If you’re tan, go for a lighter shade of blue to bring out your complexion; if you’re fair, opt for a darker shade of blue instead!

Colour Combination #3

Black + Camel

Black and camel mens outfit

Photograph credits @frenchtouch, @lifestylebyps

The black + camel colour combination is decidedly more adventurous – especially when you take into account that the so-called fashion experts have been denouncing black + brown for years, and camel is a few shades short of being brown. However, there’s no denying that a rich camel tone adds a certain depth and flair to your outfit – so be sure to keep a camel coat, cardigan, or pullover handy in your wardrobe!

Colour Combination #4

Blue + Beige

Blue and beige mens outfits

Photograph credits @balletinspirationbeauty, @theultralinx

Want to look dressed up enough for the office, but don’t want to stick to your usual white and black palette? Opt for the stylish yet professional looking blue + beige combination instead! For your shirt, take your pick from powder blue, baby blue or maya blue – any one of these light shades will contrast your beige pants nicely, and bring a breath of fresh air to your outfit.

Colour Combination #5

Blue + Green

green and blue outfits for men

Photograph credits @dobundle, @iamgalla

Want to level up and start experimenting with more colour? Go with a blue + green combination! With this colour combination which is both fun and universally flattering, the sky’s the limit. You have a myriad of options to choose from; from blue shirt + green pants, to green outwear + blue pants, to blue coat + green undershirt – go ahead and knock yourself out!

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