Your clothing deserves the best—that’s why we oversee the cleaning process to achieve the highest standard possible.

We strive for perfection, which is why we hand-finish every piece of clothing to provide the best quality clothes care possible. No detail is too small.AMMAR HAMZA,

Our team has a background in finance and consulting for global companies, so to say we’re pretty particular about our process is an understatement. We oversee every stage of the process to ensure we look after the items that you value the most. 

Whatever you need cleaning, we can help. Our bespoke, hand-finished cleaning process means that we can cater for all different styles, fabrics and textiles.

Lastly, we provide fully flexible collection and delivery with no advance booking required. Your order when suits you, and we’ll be at your door within the hour.


Items are collected by our professional courier, placed in custom bags and sent straight to our facility.


Items are checked for tears and stains. Any special instructions are reviewed in our system for extra attention.


Lavando gently cares for your clothes and packages them up beautifully ready to be returned to you.


Lavando’s courier collects your order from our facility and delivers to you within the hour from request.

Lavando is dedicated to taking care of your laundry and dry-cleaning every step of the way—and never says no to an order. Here’s how.

Our high-tech processing system offers complete flexibility to cater to any request.

We replace buttons for free and can provide repairs and alterations. We want you looking good, and that includes patching up rips and tears.

We hand-finish each item of clothing to ensure the best quality finish (and yes, hand-finishing makes a massive difference!).

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