How long does it take to dry clean a suit?

Suits are the most expensive and cherished part of most men’s wardrobe. From your very first job interview to your wedding day, they’re with you for all the most important occasions in your life.

However, few of us know exactly how to look after our suits. From the mysterious process of dry cleaning to knowing exactly when to clean your suit, there’s lots to learn when it comes to protecting your favourite outfit.

Sure, you may know how choose a great suit but do you really know how to look after it?

With this guide, we’ll take you through the essential steps to properly look after your suit and provide all the information you need so you know exactly how long it should take, when you should clean it and how to maintain it at home.

How long does it take to dry clean a suit?

The actual time it takes to get your suit dry cleaned depends on whether any alterations need to be made and whether the suit is made from specialist materials.

If you need a few new buttons or the jacket taken in, it can take a little longer. Plus, although silk suits may be super sleek, they will probably take a little longer to get cleaned.

You should expect to wait around 3 days to dry clean your suit, especially if you want it to be done well. As your suit is such an important part of your wardrobe, it’s important not to rush the process and get it done properly.

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What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is the most popular way of looking after a suit. But do you know exactly how the process works?

Dry cleaning involves the use of solvents called perchlorethylene or DF 2000. Although these are actually liquids (so not so dry after all), that’s the only part of the process that requires liquids. Most importantly, these specialist solvents can remove the toughest of stains from food, oils, dust and dirt.

If you go to a quality cleaning facility, your suit will be checked after the solvents have been applied to make sure that all of the stains have been removed. Then, the suit is steamed, pressed and ironed to make sure it looks as good as the day you bought it.

After that, all that’s left to do is for you to go and pick it up. Or, if you really want to take care of it you can get it hand-delivered straight to your door. Although it’s a pretty straightforward process, not all dry cleaners have the same process.

How often should you dry clean a suit if you wear them daily? 

If you wear a suit everyday, you probably have a few to get you through the week. How long you wait to get them cleaned depends on how many suits you have and how dirty they get.

The weather makes a huge difference. In Britain’s famously gloomy weather, your suit will have to deal with a lot: cold, rain and even mud on a fairly regular basis. This will influence how often you need to get it cleaned, so expect to be seeing your dry cleaner more often during the winter.

We would recommend a suit to be cleaned every four or five times it’s worn. This will help keep its shape and make sure that you don’t end up walking into the office looking like Fagin. Plus, it’s always worth getting your suit cleaned before a big meeting or event.

Guide to suit home-maintenance

There’s nothing better than getting your suit cared for and properly cleaned by a professional dry cleaner. But realistically, you can’t go everyday so it’s important to know how to look  

How should you hang your suit? 

First of all, never use a wire hanger. Never.  It’s worth investing in a proper hanger, otherwise your suit will be crumpled and misshapen in no time and that’s not easy (or cheap) to fix. You need to look out for something with wide shoulders made from wood.

If you wear your jacket to work but take it off as soon as you get to your desk, we’d recommend getting another hanger at your office. No one wants to see a great suit wasted by hours spent hanging off the back off your chair.

How should you travel with your suit?

If you’re constantly on the go with meetings across the city or long journeys to other countries, you really should invest in a garment bag. Find one that’s easy to carry, breathable and light, that way your suit will remain clean, crisp and won’t break your back as you travel.

If a garment bag isn’t an option, make sure that you fold your suit as neatly as possible into your suitcase and don’t pack any liquids next to it!

Why should you steam your suit instead of ironing it?

Finally there’s an excuse to not get the iron out! Ironing your suit is a risky business as you’re likely to apply too much heat. This can cause your suit to lose its shape and, in extreme cases, can leave your suit discoloured.

Instead, invest in a steamer. They’re far better at protecting your suit and make it easier for you to control the temperature, so the delicate fibres of your suit remain unscathed.

Why should you brush instead of rolling your suit? 

A suit brush is an essential item for the discerning man’s wardrobe. Unlike rolling, which just moves the dirt around, a decent suit brush will pick up the dirt and properly remove it.

Like a combination of a beard and shoe brush, a suit brush has a wooden or plastic handle with strong bristles. Like the golden rule of shaving, make sure to only brush downwards.

What’s the best way to look great in a suit? 

We can’t change what God gave you. But let’s be honest, you’ll never look better than when you’re wearing your favourite suit. So, all you really need to do is make sure that you look after it properly.

That means investing in a high quality, bespoke dry cleaning service that knows how to clean and protect every type of fabric. Plus, if you’re bored of the trip down to the dry cleaners, get them to come to you and pick up and drop off your suit.

So, if you really want to look great in your suit get it looked after by Lavando with our dry cleaning suit service.


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